The Essentials of Spirituality – The Basics

Improve your Spiritual Growth.

We can escape earthly desires and sin by increasing our faith. The best way to to grow spiritually is by finding more knowledge in the bible, Avoiding any sinful acts, Living the same way Jesus did and also increasing our faith and trust in God. Growing spiritually is so much related to living a life similar to that of Jesus Christ. In the spiritual jouney we should always seek the guidance of the word of God,

A spiritual gide can help us in knowing Christ better loving him and also follow him. The spiritual union with Christ only happens when we know him and love him. The divine love of god gives us all we need to the grace he have for use . When you have a spiritual guidance connection you feel free and you don’t have to rely on belief again.

The first thing we should do before starting our spiritual growth journey is accepting Christ as our personal savior. For the spiritual growth ,we should accept to be taught, corrected and rebuked by Gods word. We should walk with the holy spirit who will always guide us in all we do, talk or think. Accepting holly spirit enable us to live to our calling. Believers can also get the spiritual guidance they need from online coaching.

People can increase their faith and know Christ more through online courses given by Michael Mirdad. Michael Mirdad’s online spiritual courses specialize on Christ consciousness, spiritual growth, relationships and miracles. His Counselor and author life has enabled him to write a lot of books which help readers to live lives of peace and also give them guidance to the path of wholeness.

Developing the inner Christ online course by Michael Mirdad takes twelve weeks. There are spiritual concepts to be learned by students in every week. The course enables students to explore the deep levels of personal application and also learn how to refresh their consciousness centers so as to live a life a higher self of themselves in all the possible ways. The students can create a closer spirit connection and direct connections to the soul consciousness of the angelic kingdom, mother Mary, Mary Magdalene and Jesus.

Passing through the seven chakras is one of the activity that Christ conscious students perform which later enable them to progress through the different levels of human consciousness. The course require full participation of the body, The mind and the soul for a permanent result. The rewards from the short time used during the course are happiness,Helath and better relationships. The students are also placed in the some of largest organizations e.g. the unity church player lists.

3 Lessons Learned: Teachers

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