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How to Choose Old School T-Shirts

Today, it seems that people of the new generation want to get their hands on old school t-shirts in one way or another. Old school t-shirts do not really mean that they are old shirts, they are still new shirts that come with old-school designs. There are a lot of names for old school t-shirts; some call them vintage shirts, old school tees, and even vintage inspired shirts. If you want to get old school tees at a bargain, do not forget to consider going for t-shirt companies that sell new shirts but with a newer design. There are certain elements that must be present in old school t-shirts if you really want them to look classic than you have ever hoped for. You know that you have found the perfect old school t-shirt if it comes with just the right kind of old school theme, old school print, and t-shirt fabric. These three elements will be further discussed below.

Old school t-shirt theme

When you get an old school t-shirt, its theme must date back 25 years back or more; so, getting a Justin Bieber shirt is clearly not old school. One of the best ways to determine if a school is old school is if it enables the person to reminisce about the past. In terms of old school t-shirts, there is just something about them that enhances what the person wearing it is passionate about. The most sought after old school t-shirts include the Mickey Mouse t-shirts, the Jimi Hendrix t shirts, and many more. If you notice the examples just mentioned, they are shirts that come with designs or themes of TV shows, movies, and bands that date more than 20 years ago. So, if you have a Nirvana t-shirt, this is considered old school as well but never bands that have just been launched recently. Aside from music tees, you can also consider old school tees those that come in superhero designs, old school cartoons, and many more. What typically sell among old school tees companies will have to be concert halls as well as defunct bands. If you get old school tees that date back during the 60s and even the 80s of their concert date, then you are really wearing something that is old school.

While looking for old school t-shirts, you can tell they are living up to their name if they really look that distressed. It does not matter if they are printed in silk screen or in a digital printer, just as long as they look distressed. It is a big no-no to go with shirts that have very clear prints. You are able to achieve a well-worn and much-loved old school t-shirt look if it has some fades and crackles in its printed design.

Getting Creative With Clothing Advice

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